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Need help with your CampaignTracker account? You’ve come to the right place for quick answers to frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer here, send us a quick note at [email protected].

Setting up a new team

Teams are essentially containers for your campaigns and links. To create a new team, login to CampaignTracker and visit the Teams page where you’ll find a link in the left sidebar, Create a Team. Give your team a name, logo and adjust any additional settings as needed.

Installing the CampaignTracker Pixel

Copy the code found under Settings > System Pixel and paste it into every page of your website or landing pages in the <head> section.

Using Google Tag Manager? See the topic: Installing the CampaignTracker with Google Tag Manager.

Installing the CampaignTracker Pixel with Google Tag Manager

The CampaignTracker Pixel can be installed with Google Tag Manager. To install, add the CampaignTracker Pixel snippet to a custom HTML tag and trigger it to fire on All Pages.

Enable Support for document.write to ensure the pixel will work properly.

Installing Slack Integration

CampaignTracker can send daily stats to your Slack team, on a channel that you prefer. Each morning, stats will be compiled and send automatically to Slack. To set up the Slack integration go to Settings > Integrations and click the Install button in the Slack section. This will take you to Slack where you’ll need to login and enable the CampaignTracker Slack App to allow it to post to a channel. Once you’ve completed that step, you can toggle enable/disable the daily performance report in CampaignTracker.

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