Ready to Partner? Earn Revenue for Every Customer You Refer to CampaignTracker


By Dylan Petersson

4 Feb 2019

54% say that their purchase decisions are driven by word-of-mouth

54% of users say that their purchase decisions are driven by word-of-mouth. No form of digital marketing prowess can compare to a solid trustworthy recommendation.

Whether you’re a world renowned influencer, a digital marketer by trade, or just that person that digs into the details, chances are you’re somebody’s trusted source. Now more than ever the Marketing stack is a critical component to our efficiency and success. As the saying goes, work smart – not hard. If you’ve ever recommended a product to your fellow marketers, it likely made a tremendous difference in whether they gave it a chance. It means the world to us that you like what we have to offer and we think you should be compensated for paying it forward.

The CampaignTracker Partner Program brings the results of your efforts and earns you 20% of the recurring revenue for every customer you refer, and you keep earning for as long as they remain a customer. Plus your referrals get an exclusive discount, good for 20% off of the first 3 paid months or 1 year subscription. It’s a win-win scenario that rewards you for spreading a great message.

Ready to join? Sign up as a Partner and get started earning.

Who is our Partner Program for?

You don’t need to be a CampaignTracker customer to be a Partner.

  • Marketers that enjoying sharing and helping fellow marketers find the best tools.
  • Agencies looking to improve their client experiences with better link management.
  • Influencers who want to promote a tool they can stand behind and get paid for their work.

Really anyone can join in and get compensated for what they might have already been recommending. So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to our Partnership page and get started. We’re here to help you with all the resources you need to make it easy.

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