Digital Marketing Analytics


By Dylan Petersson

2 Jan 2019

Digital Marketing Analytics: We’re All Driving Blind (And that’s okay)

Does this situation sound familiar?

You’re posting on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, maybe even Snapchat and Instagram) regularly. You’re up and running with a marketing automation tool and sending out emails like a boss (but definitely not an obnoxious spammer—you’re way more ethical than that). Your website is flat and pretty and minimalist and super intuitive to navigate. You’ve honed your retargeting advertising strategy over many (many) sessions of spreadsheet analysis and cups of coffee. You’ve gotten AdWords bidding down to a science, and of course you’re leveraging SEO best practices to improve organic search.

And all things told, this hard work is doing great. I mean, you’re killing it with engagement and email open rates and click-throughs and search results and like, a bunch of other KPIs, right? And sales are totally looking good?




…you think?

Long story short, you do a lot. You’re working hard to make a lot of different initiatives happen. And you’ve got a lot of numbers in front of you that lead you to believe it’s all paying off. But when someone straight out of the C-suite puts you on the spot and asks you comment on the ROI of say, social media activity, you’re pretty much at a loss for anything coherent to say.

This is the challenge that all digital marketers are facing. We have so many options, so many channels to spread our message through, so much disparate data at our fingertips telling us how those messages are being received—and so many emails in our inboxes from the new company that’s finally found the answer (for a small fee, of course). It’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

The good news? We’re all in this together.

The world of digital marketing is fast paced. It’s new, it’s constantly evolving. It’s a sandbox, a perfect place to be bold, experiment, take risks, and try new ideas. That’s why we all landed here, right? And we’re having fun. We’ve figured out a lot of cool tactics, enticing strategies, and approaches that push the envelope. Come on—digital marketing has changed the way people shop and buy on a daily basis. One-click purchasing? Prime now? Those weren’t an option 20, 10, even 2 years ago. Now we’re irritated when our experience is a touch sluggish.

This is what motivated us to start CampaignTracker. We’ve all lived the same problems, challenges, and frustrations that you do. We’re digital marketers frustrated with an overload of a data and a lack of good tools to make sense of it. Our tools were built with the initial intention of making our own jobs easier—and along the way, we decided this needs to be part of a bigger conversation.

We don’t have all the answers. But we are dedicated to creating and sharing tools that help to solve problems as we encounter them. Join us for the ride.

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