Looking for the best Google Analytics URL builder spreadsheet for your digital marketing team?

Lucky you! We’ve spent some time gathering what we consider to be the top 8 spreadsheets and put them into one comprehensive list.

Google Analytics URL Builder Spreadsheet Templates

There are plenty of different Google Analytics URL builder spreadsheet templates available that can help you solve the challenge of generating UTM tagged URLs.

  1. UTM Standardizer by Amazee Metrics
  2. UTM Tagging Template by Link To Sheets
  3. UTM TaggerHallam Internet
  4. Google Analytics Campaign Tagging ToolCardinal Path
  5. Annie Cushing’s Google Analytics Campaign Tagging ToolAnnielytics
  6. LinkdMe UTM Links ManagerLinkdMe
  7. UTM Builder and Shortener Spreadsheet by Whole Whale
  8. Easily Organize Your UTM Links by Jordan Coeyman

These spreadsheets are nice, but if you’re really looking to simplify and manage all your links, a full-featured web app might be just the ticket.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of using an app:

  • Shortlinks that generate UTM tags on their own
  • Designed for efficiency and accuracy
  • Link management your whole team will love to use
  • Shortlinks capable of attribution tracking

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