Clean URLs: How CampaignTracker Helps Maintain Accurate Data


By Jonathan Mark

29 Mar 2023

Say Goodbye to Inaccurate Data with Clean URLs from CampaignTracker

As a business that uses link management platforms like CampaignTracker, you know how important it is to maintain accurate data to make informed marketing decisions. However, inaccurate data can be a common issue when it comes to using UTMs in links. After all, UTMs were introduced to the world about two decades ago. That's why CampaignTracker offers a unique Clean URL feature that automatically hides UTMs on landing page URLs, making it easier to maintain accurate data.

Just a Quick Reminder about UTMs

UTMs, or Urchin Tracking Modules, are parameters added to a URL to track the source, medium, and campaign associated with a specific link. UTMs are commonly used in link management to track clicks and conversions, and they allow businesses to measure the success of their marketing campaigns. However, using UTMs can lead to inaccuracies in data tracking when users copy and paste links with UTMs, which can skew the data.

If you'd like to learn more about UTM parameters and how it can help with your marketing strategies, check out this blog post.

How Clean URLs Work

Clean URLs are a feature offered by CampaignTracker that automatically hide UTMs on landing page URLs. Instead of displaying the full URL with UTMs, Clean URLs show only the base URL of the landing page. This means that when a user shares a link with a Clean URL, the UTMs are automatically hidden, which prevents inaccurate data tracking. The Clean URL feature sets CampaignTracker apart from traditional link management platforms that don't offer this feature.

Using Clean URLs with CampaignTracker

Clean URLs is a feature that is already built into every link you create. Simply generate a tracking link as you normally would, and let CampainTracker work its magic. Once the link has been clicked, the landing page URL will be displayed without any UTMs in the address bar. So when the user decides to copy and paste that address, you won’t get any inaccurate data if they decide to share it through a different source. CampaignTracker makes it that easy!

Examples of Clean URLs in Action

To illustrate the effectiveness of Clean URLs, let's consider an example. Say you're running a Facebook ad campaign and you've included UTMs in the links you're sharing. One of your followers sees the ad and shares the link with their own followers via Twitter, but they copy and paste the link with the UTMs included. This leads to inaccurate data tracking because the data will show that the link was clicked through the Facebook ad campaign, even though it was actually shared by someone outside the campaign and through a different source. However, if you used a UTM link builder like CampaignTracker, the UTMs would have been hidden, which would lead to more accurate data.

Maintaining accurate data is crucial for making informed decisions in your business. The Clean URL feature offered by CampaignTracker makes it easier to maintain accurate data by automatically hiding UTMs on landing page URLs. By using Clean URLs, businesses can avoid inaccuracies in data tracking that can arise when users copy and paste links with UTMs. So let's give a high-five to Clean URLs, and use them to track our data like a boss.

If you're not already using Clean URLs with CampaignTracker, we encourage you to give it a try and see the benefits for yourself. Just click the link below.

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