8 Best UTM Builder Spreadsheet Templates Reviewed (Updated for 2023)


By Dylan Petersson

16 Mar 2023

Need a top notch Google Analytics URL builder spreadsheet for your digital marketing team?

Although we have reviewed UTM Builder Spreadsheet Templates in the past, we figure it’s about time we release an updated review. If you’re looking for the best Google Analytics URL builder spreadsheet for your digital marketing team, we’ve got some amazing UTM builder spreadsheet templates available on Google Spreadsheets for you.

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Here are some of our favorite UTM builder spreadsheet templates:

UTM Tagging Template by Link To Sheets

Simple and clean and has all five UTM Parameters. Just enter everything in the cells and it will generate a URL with all UTM parameters. We also like the touch of green.

UTM Tagger by Hallam Internet

Only three (required) of the five UTM parameters, but if you tend to skip out on the term and content, this one might be for you.

Google Analytics Campaign Tool by Cardinal Path

Most informative spreadsheet template of the bunch. Has all five UTM parameters and has tabs for iOS and Android campaigns as well.

Annie Cushing’s Google Analytics Tool by Annielytics

Annie Cushing's Google Analytics Campaign Tagging Tool

Quite helpful tips including a link to a comprehensive campaign tagging video. Includes recommendations and a tab to an example of a campaign.

URL Builder by LinkdMe

If you use Bit.ly short links, this UTM builder spreadsheet might be for you. It has easy to follow instructions and will produce a Bit.ly short link with UTM parameters for you. You will need to have a Bit.ly account.

UTM Builder and Shortener Spreadsheet by Whole Whale

Another UTM builder and shortener spreadsheet that works well with Bit.ly. Again, you will need to have a Bit.ly account and insert the access token in the AdminBitly tab of the spreadsheet.

UTM Campaign URL Builder by Chameleon Collective

Allows building UTM conventions for campaign names. So if you’re looking to add important information in the content parameter, this spreadsheet includes fields like country, language, audience, etc.

Easily Organize Your UTM Links by Jordan Coeyman

If you’re a minimalist, this one is pretty much stripped of any designs or pretty fonts. All the information on the spreadsheet and UTM parameters are on a blog page. Has all five UTM parameters along with a generated URL.

Please bear in mind that for each of these spreadsheets, you will need to create a copy by clicking on File and then Make a Copy.

So there you have it, folks! Some of the best UTM builder spreadsheet templates on Google Spreadsheets and a bonus recommendation for those who want to take their UTM tracking to the next level. We hope these tools help make your UTM tracking process a little bit easier (and maybe even a little bit fun!).

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