Three Reasons Why Content Marketing is More Important than Sponsored Advertising


By Dylan Petersson

6 Mar 2019

Millennials are now the working-age generation, and they want to see you know your stuff

With the average person scrolling 300 feet of social media a day, most have naturally grown accustomed to ignoring advertisements – even the sponsored ones – that show up in their feeds. Content, with an attractive image and enticing title, is far more likely to stop that finger than an advertisement.

It may take more time to create engaging blog and social media posts, but, trust us, it is a far more inexpensive choice that has the capability of building your overall success by keeping your current audience, as well as hooking new ones.

Millennials are now the working-age generation, and they want to see you know your stuff

It might be common knowledge that your business can no longer focus solely on print advertising as your only marketing efforts, but it doesn’t mean social media is the most important either. Social media might be the best place to find millennials, but how are you going to hook them in once you’ve caught their attention? Sharing your knowledge through valuable content on your social media platforms and using the right strategic planning to persuade them to click, will develop more conversions than social media alone.

Content marketing is no longer a separate form of digital marketing, it’s an important part of all strong marketing efforts

“Successful companies and marketing teams will increasingly blur the lines between these disciplines and learn to leverage best practices in content marketing and audience engagement in every customer- and buyer-facing interaction,” says Allison Wert, Content Marketing Manager at It’s near impossible for a business that has an online presence to not use content marketing in some shape or form. Those that don’t are being increasingly labelled as lazy or lacking the basic knowledge of digital marketing.

Content marketing creates a relationship before you even speak one-on-one.

Creating that feeling of trust is more important now than ever before. Businesses can longer “fib” their way with big words and an attractive personality. Someone can walk into a car dealership now knowing more than the salesperson. It’s important to have content that not necessarily proves you know more than the reader but shows that you know your business and you know your audience. If you can create that trust aspect from the very beginning, then you’ve already set the stones of a great customer relationship.

If you haven’t taken the time to think about your business and how you’re digital marketing efforts are affecting your bottom line, take a moment now, especially if the most recent blog post on your website is from this time last year.

Of course, you could be writing the best online content since 1999, but unless you know the ins and outs of analytics and how content should fit into your marketing campaigns, you could be missing out on a plethora of valuable conversions. Check out our blog post on setting goals for your marketing campaign and make sure to keep strong content as the foundation for successful marketing.


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